Born in 1960 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. 1982-1987 studied at the PWSSP (State Higher School of Visual Arts) in Łódź. Since 1988 faculty at the ASP (Academy of Fine Arts) in Łódź. Currently associate professor at the parent university and supervisor of the Drawing and Painting Faculty.

Works in private collections in Poland, Germany, UK, France, USA and the Bahamas.

Asking the fundamental question: "where do we come from, where are we going?" one is bound to enter the world of the macrocosm, as well as the world of the surrounding elementary particles that are smaller than the atom. Exploring these areas more deeply we touch the absolute and, concurrently, very material elements of existence. The ubiquitous dualism, the driving force of the universe, compels us to answer the question posed above not otherwise than by asking another one: do we exist at all? If an electron, by no means the smallest particle, can simultaneously be at two different locations and it is impossible to determine its whereabouts at the given time with complete certainty, then why should we be where we appear to be? Or perhaps there exist many parallel worlds, as suggested by one of the latest scientific theories, and it is only at the fault of our underdeveloped science that we cannot visit them. Not acquiescing to this impossibility, through my paintings I take the liberty of introducing the viewer into this world. A world still obscured by mathematical equations. A world visualised through my imagination.

Jarosław Chrabąszcz



Fotografia Jaroslawa